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Post Construction and Commercial Clean

Olympic Commercial Cleaning is our Commercial Service Department. Whether we are doing a Final Clean on a large construction project, keeping a school or another facility cleaned or helping a firm find a quality janitorial technician, we take on the approach to "make our clients' job easier". We communicate every step of the way and think ahead so that all aspect of the project is efficient, productive and cost effective.
Safety, integrity, and communication is the foundation of our work. Our staff are trained and experienced in all aspect of janitorial services. We maintain standards of WAC labor laws and Federal OSHA code.
Being active members of our community and doing our best to improve the lives of those around us is important to us. 
The diversity of our team and our dedication to our clients gives us the unique prospective of compassion and duty to our clients, allowing us to present our best work every time.

Post Construction/ Remodeling Clean: Service
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